What makes your training services unique? 

First off, I don’t want to just send you a blank form each week, I want you to understand what you are doing, why  you are are doing  it  and thus  learning how your body  truly works. I do not want you to be reliant on me , at some point I’ll get a message from you saying your cancelling your enrollment because you learned what you needed and I will smile  knowing the training did what it was  intended to do, build your knowledge and body not my wallet.

The major thing I learned transforming my physique from 100  to 220 pounds is  building your body is not just about a list of exercises,  it’s how you perform them and optimize them for you. I will provide detailed techniques to make each exercise your own and using your feedback get you to a point you feel the target muscles working the first set.

What is your goal for your clients with online training?

My goal is to provide an affordable and   proven  100% customized muscle building program to anyone around the globe.   I have been helping people completely free for a few years and  it’s getting to a point I simply cannot help everyone contacting me.

A completely customized workout focusing on balancing your physique,  making improvements where you want (chest , arms, calves  shoulders ect) , increasing your understanding of how your own body works and timing your individual recovery.

You can send in as much data as you want (workout logs up to 1 year) , measurements, goal measurements ect to be analyzed, and  discussed.

What do I have to do to stay enrolled ?

The last thing I want to do is waste your money or time,  if your not willing to work hard and preferably fill out a workout log each week with your poundages then this isn’t for you. By working hard all I mean is stay consistant with your training and give it your all ,  things like time restraints  can be worked around effectively.

Do you offer Nutritional support?

Not at this time.  Again , time is limited and  I can only do so much  running fully customized  programs.

For general nutrition advice and programs I can help , but no  customized  meal plans  are offered at this time.

How much does it cost a month?

49.99   a month . 12.50  dollar’s a week. or 1.60 a day.

Notice: No matter what your country’s currency is  you can pay using paypal.

How did you choose the price of  50 dollars a month?

   The only reason I decided to perform online training is to broaden my pool of who i can help. Panama City has a limited pool of dedicated trainees hungry for success and going online I can help more people, that is why I am in the  industry after all.

   The negative side of this is what i I normally charge  70 dollars a session for  turns into  50 dollars a week..   There is only limited time each day to learn,  work and help others and the  50 dollars  will also ensure only those serious enough will purchase the service.

   To my knowledge 50 dollars a month is the cheapest  fully customized training program offered by any trainer of my caliber  available anywhere. I’m not in the industry for the money , it’s just came to point I get so many messages daily  I need a way to find out who is really serious.


What do I get for that price?

– Someone who’s planning for you, thinking about you, and always there to keep you honest, motivated and on track. Your training program will  be completely customized, no shortcuts or cookie cutter programs.

– Your feedback will be closely monitored.  Don’t feel your chest working during bench press? I’ll work with you until you do .  Has your gym changed its equipment available  Monday?    I’ll give you a   substitute exercise  the same day

– Email support if you need to your program changed, discussed  or adapted on the fly.

-A monthly newsletter discussing the latest training studies, best articles of the month , tips and guest posts from other authors/trainers.

NOTICE- To keep the experience A+ for each member I  only allow 20  trainees at a time    Grab a spot now for less than 2 dollars a day and get the results you deserve, there are 3 spots left available as of March 21st. 2015

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