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Want to learn more about me before enrolling?  Feel free to visit my  Testimonial , Featured Articles and About Brad  pages to see my credentials, work, and what other industry leaders are saying about me.

As for  the program, for a mere 1.60 a day you will receive.

Someone who’s planning for you, thinking about you, and always there to keep you honest, motivated and on track. Your training program will  be completely customized, no shortcuts or cookie cutter programs.

A learning experience unlike any other, each month I will personally teach you how to incorporate new training techniques into  YOUR  training that will give you a lifetime of results.  Programs in magazines and articles are great, trust me I write them. But  there is only so much us writers can do to mass audiences.  I designed this program for a real 1v1  learning experience.

Your feedback will be closely monitored.  Don’t feel your chest working during bench press? I’ll work with you until you do .  Has your gym changed its equipment available  Monday?    I’ll give you a   substitute exercise  the same day.

–  Email support directly to my phone  if you need  your program changed, discussed  or adapted on the fly.

A monthly newsletter discussing the latest training studies, best articles of the month , tips and guest posts from other authors/trainers.

-It doesn’t matter if you can train 2, 3  or 6 days a week , there’s a proven method of training that will get you  the results YOU DESERVE and I will work with you to find what works best for your time  available.

NOTICE- To keep the experience A+ for each member I can only accept 10 applicant’s.   Grab a spot now for less than 2 dollars a day and get the results you deserve.  There are 2 spots available as of   August,2017

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