Professional Biography

Brad Kelly is a sought after National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM) Personal Trainer, Correctional Exercise Specialist(CES), and Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) located in Panama City, Florida.  Driven to help not just trainees in his local community but worldwide , he now regularly writes articles on various subjects such as training routines, corrective exercise, and nutrition. Brad has also directly helped over 200 National Academy of Sports Medicine Trainers pass their own exams, and performs online training to help people reach their fitness goals, whether it is gaining muscle, weight loss, or just leading a healthy lifestyle.  Truly understanding the value of a healthy lifestyle, Brad is now fully recovered from a chronic sickness that lasted 7 years and left him weighing 105 pounds.


My Personal Story

I have always believed everything happens for a reason and every hardship you are facing now can have a clear positive significance later down the road.  For 7 years when I was sick  this light at the end of the tunnel may have been dim , but I never stopped looking .

  By  the time I found weight training  I was still sick  as ever, I, spent weeks at a time in hospitals all over the United States, had shots  every week   and weighed around 100 pounds.  I started off under the guidance of  our  local high school football coach and trained hard.

I was getting a lot stronger  and a little bigger but being under 150 pounds my entire life I just wanted to know how to build muscle. In this quest I  studied for  4 certifications through the NAtional Academy of Sports  Medicine , later helping over 200 others pass  their own exams , talked to dozens of pro bodybuilders , coaches, read articles everyday until I was writing alongside the authors  I had been following for years  and continued to just enjoy training

100 to 215me1 (2)100 Pounds out of the Hospital

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